The new word in the treatment of nail fungus


Nail Fungus – a widespread disease. And no wonder, because mushrooms – a group of micro-organisms, which has nearly 70 thousand different species, more than 500 of them are pathogenic to humans. Intrigue is a fungal infection that the immune system does not produce it, and we get sick as often as infects. Besides mushrooms incredible «tenacious» – their spores can survive for decades.

Despite the fact that we constantly are surrounded by fungi infecting fungal infection occurs only when the body can not give her a worthy rebuff, that is weakened local immunity is not able to prevent the active reproduction of pathogenic microbes. And even after the infection for a long time the fungus can not disturb a person, and only after undergoing cold, trauma, stress symptoms appear. Mostly fungal nail disease prone elderly, athletes and soldiers who have almost always wear a poorly ventilated shoes, as well as patients suffering from disorders associated with impaired blood supply to the feet and nails.

One of the first signs of nail fungus – staining white or yellow on the nail plate. Gradually, as the disease progresses, there is a change in the structure of the nail – it becomes thicker, can change shape or crumble. Fungal nail disease completely curable, and if start to solve the problem at once, when the first symptoms of the disease, you can manage only local antifungal agents. To do this, you must consult your doctor, who will select the optimal and effective drug dosage form.