And the food … quarrel!

You want to eat something nutritious and at the same time without a lot of calories, but you have dilemma between two options and puzzled at what to end up? To help you choose the best …

What should I choose for breakfast?
Corn or oat flakes?

Oats! Although they have similar caloric efficiency, oat flakes do not contain added sugar, not cooked, they are richer in fiber and upload slower blood sugar.
Toast or bread?

Bread! It has a larger volume because of the water content maintains more vitamins because it has not fired again, carbohydrates metabolized more slowly and the same amount to toast performs fewer calories.
Jam or honey?

Honey! Although both are sources of sugars and their calories are similar, honey contains many nutrients that are considered beneficial for the body and has no additives, eg acidifiers or preservatives.

What should I choose for snacks?
Fruit or juice?

Fruit! You hire many more nutrients and fiber in particular, get enough more, you burn more calories for the assimilation.
Watermelon or melon?

Melon! Is higher in fiber, lower glycemic index, many more antioxidants and vitamins, satisfies hunger better.
Almonds or walnuts?

Almonds! Can the nuts are rich in omega-3 fats, however almonds oxidized difficult, have fewer calories, better source of fiber, vitamin E and protein but also more hearty.
Ice cream or dessert?

Ice cream! Provided that the ice cream is simple, without additional as nuts, is most dietary option because as a milk and sugar, and most desserts contain butter and egg yolks, except of course sweets.

How many times must we chew our bites until the time you have to eat the last meal of the day we solve the questions of how we can obtain flat belly and lose weight. Until the new slimming pill poison the American lizard Jill come true and put the brakes on our gluttony as stated in a recent new – rather they themselves should we be more labored to maintain our line, particularly at the point where the more anxious six in ten women: belly.



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